Our life and pensions delivery network is now well established in Europe and beyond and in May of this year we were the proud sponsors of the 8th International Insurance Conference in Dublin.

We have the ability to deliver complex processing while maintaining quality and provide a wide range of services whether you're in the UK, Europe, South Africa or the Middle East:

  • We now have a 900 seat multi-lingual servicing centre in Krakow, Poland, offering you front and back office services if you’re doing business in markets outside the UK
  • Today we're building products and delivering voice and document services on behalf of a number of leading cross border insurers into Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Shanghai, and Singapore among others via our professional hub in Dublin.
  • We're delivering services for cross border products in Europe, the Middle East and Asia
  • We’re helping two well known financial service providers, to deliver relationship based services to their off-shore investment customers
  • We’re growing our capability in South Africa where the experience of our customer management division was pivotal in firstly setting up and then delivering customer contact services to this rapidly growing market