We build bespoke, flexible and agile multi-channel solutions in partnership with our public and private sector clients across a range of industries, including travel and tourism, media, telecommunications and utilities. The contact services we provide include technical help-desks, query management, order management, customer sentiment surveying and telesales and we use channels such as telephony, email, Webchat, online query forms and social media.

We handle four million contacts per annum and we strive to make every customer interaction a positive experience irrespective of the communication medium and we maintain a laser focus on the user experience. To achieve these objectives our customer ethos is built on the personalisation of every customer interaction. We give our agents the latitude to use a greater degree of judgement in all their interactions than is normal in traditional contact centres. The success of our approach is evidenced through key performance indicators such as first call resolution and our consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

We work with our clients to transform the customer experience by expanding the range of contact options available to customers, migrating key elements of their service provision online and increasing self-serve opportunities. Both our clients and their customers have rapidly seen the benefits; the former through reduced costs to serve and greater efficiencies, the latter through better and timelier services which are available 24/7.

In the sales sector we provide outbound sales campaigns for a leading Irish utility. Implementing Dialler technology and incentivisation concepts like gamification, which introduces friendly competition among agents, has enabled us to deliver sales conversion rates ahead of target across multiple campaigns.