At Customer Solutions we offer a comprehensive range of finance and administration services; payroll, accounts payable, banking, credit collections, billing, financial accounting and reporting. We employ a team of qualified accounting and expert administration staff to deliver results to our clients. Our proven delivery model has delivered reductions in operating costs and an improved customer experience.

Purchase to pay

We manage the full end to end procure to pay cycle for many of our clients today. We have state of the art Tier 1 scanning and workflow management tools on site that are easily configured, we design solutions that meet the needs of your organisation and integrate easily with all major ERP systems. Our solutions can significantly improve operational processes and deliver full visibility and control. As a result, they achieve real, measurable cost savings, lower processing times, increased employee productivity and enhanced reporting

Financial reporting
We provide a full suite of financial reporting on behalf of a number of clients.  Our highly skilled team of accountants uses General Ledger accounting & analysis processes to produce financial and management reporting reports, including actual-to-budget comparison and trend analysis.  We also provide specialist reporting configured to meet client requirements such as weekly, monthly, quarterly plc packs; budgeting, forecasting and planning; and the completion of complete annual and interim audits and tax audits as required by client audit firms and in accordance with annual reporting requirements

We allocate cash from either manual or electronic cash remittance right down to invoice level through our order-to-collection facility.  We also provide a complete suite of banking services in the areas of accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll, including set-up and bank reconciliation controls.

We possess extensive in-house expertise in payroll management and practical experience of all the main payroll software packages including Quantum and Core.  We process weekly, monthly and executive payrolls including salary adjustments as approved by the organisation.  We also handle all associated statutory and reporting requirements including maternity leave, social security, benefit-in-kind and other tax reporting requirements.

Credit management
We have built up considerable expertise and operational experience in the area of debt collection. We have a proven track record with significant experience in telecommunications, media and utilities in Ireland and the UK. With our dedicated and experienced teams, who are delivery focused, we have collected debt, reduced DSO and improved working capital. We embrace modern digital strategies to enhance our collection capabilities.  Our in-house debt collection system identifies your high-risk customers and repeat offenders, tracks and records all communications and call outcomes, and enables our collection teams to schedule follow-up contact with your customers. In this way we provide a comprehensive call and performance analysis which enables us to align our arrears treatment with your customer ethos and care programme.