We manage all types of secured loans on behalf of lenders and investors, including large ticket commercial, residential, lifetime mortgages and small balance commercial mortgages for consumers and SMEs and offer services across Europe.

We have migrated loans, data and services for more than €100bn of debt from 10 different banking systems to our platforms and use robust and tested governance techniques to reduce risk.

If you are a bank, financial institution or private equity firm looking for full end-to-end servicing for origination or debt portfolio, our team has a range of solutions to suit your needs. Our tailored approach means we will work with you, to find the best solution, to administer single or large loan portfolios.

Our Core Services include:

Primary, Special & Master Servicing

We currently have in excess of €112bn of Assets-Under-Management across Primary, Special and Master Servicing throughout Europe, mainly in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.  Through our Master and Primary Services we assume responsibility for a diverse range of client and asset portfolios across a number of different asset classes. These include; residential and commercial mortgages, SME, unsecured and secured loans. Special Servicing is end-to-end case management focused on sustainable resolution and maximising return. 

Workout / Enforcement

We provide special servicing to organisations, including lenders and investors in impaired and distressed situations and manage the portfolio through to liquidation and recovery of loans in default. 


We provide end-to-end solutions for the client using a bespoke platform that is in line with all current regulatory requirements.

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