Capita International's Actuarial Consultancy provides a range of services to help meet your actuarial resource needs.

Our industry is changing rapidly, and with a constant stream of regulatory changes occurring within this challenging economic climate we know that implementing change in a timely and cost-effective way is vital to your business. We help to manage these demands by offering to provide our clients with actuarial resources either on- or off-site.

Capita employs a highly skilled and experienced team of consultants who offer expert and cost-effective actuarial solutions to life insurance and pensions providers. With a large team based in Dublin and an in-depth knowledge of the life insurance and pensions industry, we are well positioned to understand your actuarial needs and to provide you with the most appropriate support.

We are a flexible alternative to recruitment or contract support and will work closely with you to ensure that we are providing you with the required skill set and experience level at a cost structure that suits you. Our flexibility means that we can help you to create bespoke services that promote quality and control while maximising efficiency.

Whether you need short-, medium- or long-term actuarial resources or an ongoing outsourced service, our dedicated team of actuarial consultants can help. We can provide our clients with a wide range of expertise, including:

  • Professional and highly skilled actuarial project specialists
  • Student, senior and qualified roles, ranging from technical to management level
  • Extensive industry, regulatory and legislative experience and knowledge
  • Extensive product, system and process knowledge

We can help you react quickly to peaks and troughs in demand, and the range of expertise we have means that we can provide the right solution at the right time at competitive rates. We combine technical expertise and efficient processes with market experience and commercial knowledge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, helping you to achieve your goals.

Our flexible resourcing solutions mean that we have the capability both to deliver specific actuary-led projects and to support wider change initiatives which simply require actuarial assistance. We have extensive actuarial expertise across a range of clients, systems, activities and products, which enables us to work collaboratively with you and to adapt our services so that we can provide the most relevant expertise and support at all stages of your project.

We have an outstanding track record of providing consistently high service levels and delivering our services on time and within budget across a wide range of project activities.

Our dedicated Dublin-based team provide a wide range of actuarial services to clients.  See below for further detail.

John Landers                                 Actuarial and Change Director



Our Leadership

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Product Support

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Regulatory Change

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Actuarial operations and systems support

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Migration and integration

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Reinsurance management

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Policy administration

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