Where we manage your services, we design controls and reporting within systems, processes and frameworks to identify, manage and mitigate operational risk. We can embed our award-winning operational control frameworks to give you confidence that we are operating a controlled business on your behalf, and meeting regulatory and other governance responsibilities. 

The operational control frameworks provide clear guidelines to make sure that we think about customers first in our daily activities, understand customer needs, and take ownership of giving them a fair deal in the service we deliver.

We have experience in co-ordinating services in 12 different countries and can help you in nearly every aspect of your business including:  

  • policy administration including customer contact, new business, existing business, underwriting, claims, commissions, policyholder taxation, and foreign language communications
  • investment administration including portfolio bond dealing, portfolio bond settlement, fund pricing and administration
  • financial reporting
  • actuarial and reinsurance reporting
  • banking and treasury services
  • product development and implementation
  • IT development and regulatory change
  • full range of assurance functions across 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines of control – operational control frameworks, risk, compliance, information security, and internal audit services